Ph.D. Agricultural and Applied Economics, Texas Tech University, Expected Graduation: 2022
M.S., Agricultural and Applied Economics, Texas Tech University, 2020
B.B.A, Economics, Loyola University New Orleans, 2018


Economic Development (Regional and International), Entrepreneurial Economics, Economics of Reform,
Institutional Economic Analysis, Constitutional Political Economy


Callais, Justin T. (forthcoming). Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler? The Persistent Effect French Civil
Law Has on Corruption, Institutions, and Incomes in Louisiana. Journal of Institutional Economics.

Bologna Pavlik, Jamie, Callais, Justin T., and Jahan, Israt. (forthcoming). Institutional Quality and
Development: On the Role of Informality. Journal of Developing Areas.

Callais, Justin T. and Salter, Alexander W. 2020. Ideologies, Institutions, and Interests: Why Economic
Ideas Don’t Compete on a Level Playing Field. The Independent Review 25(1).

Salter, Alexander W and Callais, Justin T. 2019. A Theory of Self-Governance: De Facto Constitutions
as Filters. Journal of Public Finance and Public Choice. 34(2):127-147.


Callais, Justin T. Freedom Worth Dying For? Economic Freedom and Homicide

Callais, Justin T. Free to Grow: A Matching Methods Analysis of Changes in US State-Level Economic

Callais, Justin T. Does Entrepreneurship Drive Development? A US State Synthetic Analysis.

Callais, Justin T. The Effects of Endured Constitutions on Incomes in the Contemporary Era.

Callais, Justin T. and Vincent Geloso. The Political Economy of Lighthouses in Antebellum America.


Callais, Justin T. Lies, Damned Lies, and (Corrupt) Statistics: Corruption and Statistical Quality.

Callais, Justin T. and Adam Martin. Is Putin’s Russia a Normal Country? A Synthetic Control Approach.

Callais, Justin T. and Linan Peng. Did the Northeast Area Revitalization Plan Work? A Multiple Synthetic Control Analysis

Callais, Justin T. State Capacity and Economic Development in the Modern Era: On the Role of Institutions


Instructor of Record

Applied Business Economics, Fall 2020. Texas Tech University.
Applied Business Economics, Spring 2021. Texas Tech University.
Microeconomics I (Price Theory), Spring 2021. Francisco Marroquín University

Teaching Assistant 

The US-Mexico Border Economy, Spring 2021. (under Robin Grier). Texas Tech University.
Economics, Ecology, and Ethics, Fall 2019-Spring 2020. (under Adam Martin). Texas Tech University.
Public Choice, Spring 2019. (under Kevin Grier). Texas Tech University.
Economics of Regulation, Fall 2018. (under Andrew T Young). Texas Tech University.


Loyola University New Orleans

Research Assistant to John Levendis, 2017-2018.
Research Assistant to Leonid Krasnozhon, 2017-2018.


2021. Public Choice Society (Scheduled), Association of Private Enterprise Education (Scheduled).

2020. Public Choice Society (Cancelled due to COVID-19), Association of Private Enterprise Education
(Cancelled due to COVID-19), Institute for Humane Studies, Universidad Francisco Marroquín,

Southern Economic Association.
2019. Association of Private Enterprise Education, Southern Economic Association.


Young Scholars Award, Association for Private Enterprise Education, 2018-2019.

Hayek Fund for Scholars, Institute for Humane Studies, 2018-2020.

Humane Studies Fellowship, Institute for Humane Studies, 2018-2020.

Outstanding Economics Graduate, Loyola University New Orleans, 2018

Röpke-Wojtyła Fellowship, The Catholic University of America, 2017-2018.

Certification in Applied Econometrics, National Association of Business Economists, 2018.


Journal of Private Enterprise, Advances in Austrian Economics, European Journal of Law and Economics


  • American Economic Association 

  • Association of Private Enterprise Education

  • Public Choice Society

  • Southern Economics Association

  • Society for the Development of Austrian Economics

  • Western Economic Association


Available Upon Request