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Underperforming Reformers: Examining Disappointing Cases of Economic Reforms. 2024. Kyklos (with Kerianne Lawson

How does economic freedom influence public health? Evidence from U.S. cities. 2023. Southern Economic Journal (with Kelly Hyde, Ilia Murtazashvili, and Yang Zhou).

Revolutionary Constitutions: Are They Revolutionary in terms of Constitutional Design? 2023. Public Choice (with Andrew Young

The Political Economy of Lighthouses in Antebellum America 2023. European Economic Review (with Vincent Geloso)

When a Country Becomes More Economically Free, Who in the Income Distribution Benefits? (Does Anybody Lose?) 2023. Journal of Comparative Economics (with Andrew T. Young

Intergenerational Income Mobility and Economic Freedom. 2023. Southern Economic Journal (with Vincent Geloso).

The Impact of Place-Based Policy: Evidence from a Multiple Synthetic Control Analysis of the Northeastern Revitalization Program in China. 2023. Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy, (with Linan Peng)

The Authoritarian Trade-off: A Synthetic Control Analysis of Development and Social Compliance in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. 2023. Contemporary Economic Policy (with Linan Peng

The Moral Costs of Markets: Testing the Deterioration Hypothesis. 2022. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, (with Colin Harris and Ben Borchard)

Free to Grow? A Matching Methods Analysis of Economic Reform in the United States. 2022. Journal of Regional Analysis and Policy.

Does Economic Freedom Lighten the Blow? Evidence from the Great Recession in the United States.  2022. Economics of Governance, (with Jamie Bologna Pavlik)

Does Rigidity Matter? Constitutional Entrenchment and Growth. 2022. European Journal of Law and Economics, 53(1), 27-62 (with Andrew T. Young)

Does Constitutional Entrenchment Matter for Economic Freedom? 2021. Contemporary Economic Policy, 39(4), 808-830. (with Andrew T. Young)

Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler? The Persistent Effect French Civil Law Has on Corruption, Institutions, and Incomes in Louisiana. 2021. Journal of Institutional Economics, 17(4), 663-680.

Institutional Quality and Development: On the Role of Informality. 2021. Journal of Developing Areas, 55(3), 343-363. (with Israt Jahan and Jamie Bologna Pavlik)

Ideologies, Institutions, and Interests: Why Economic Ideas Don’t Compete on a Level Playing Field. 2020. Independent Review, 25(1), 63-78. (with Alex Salter)

A Theory of Self-Governance: De Facto Constitutions as Filters. 2019. Journal of Public Finance and Public Choice, 34(2), 127-147. (with Alex Salter)


Brewing Value? On the Impact of Local Breweries on Nearby Rentals. 2023. In Geography of Beer, Volume 3: Policies, Politics, Prohibition and Print! (with Javier Portillo and Gary Wagner)

Economic Freedom Promotes Upward Income Mobility. 2021. In Gwartney, Lawson, Hall, and Murphy, Economic Freedom of the World: 2021 Annual Report, Vancouver: The Fraser Institute, 189-210. (with Vincent Geloso)


Court Packing. (with Gor Mkrtchian) (Revise and Resubmit)

Impact of R1 Classification on Universities (with Kerianne Lawson). (Revise and Resubmit)

Good for the Goose, Bad for the Gander? Corruption and Income Inequality. (with Jamie Bologna Pavlik) (Revise and Resubmit)

Economic Freedom, Industry Diversity, and Economic Outcomes: Evidence from Metropolitan Statistical Areas (Revise and Resubmit).

Repression and International Trade: An Analysis of Chinese Trade with Islamic Countries. (with Greg Caskey and Linan Peng)

The Impact of City-County Mergers: Evidence from Sichuan Province. (with Linan Peng)

Economic freedom and intergenerational education mobility. (with Vincent Geloso and Alicia Plemmons)

Intergenerational mobility, social capital, and economic freedom. (with Vincent Geloso and Alicia Plemmons)

Revolutionary Constitutional Compliance. (with Andrew Young and Jamie Bologna Pavlik)


Available Upon Request:

Corruption and the Allocation of Business Activity in Brazil. (With Jamie Bologna Pavlik and João Pedro Bastos)

Currently Unavailable:

Do No Harm? A Causal Analysis of the Impact of Foreign Aid on Governance Quality and Corruption. (with Kevin Grier). 

The Effects of Endured Constitutions on Incomes in the Contemporary Era.

Nonviolent Regime Change and Economic Freedom. (with Yahya Alshamy and Joshua Ammons)

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