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University of Louisiana at Lafayette:

Money and Banking (4 Sections)

Principles of Macroeconomics

Principles of Microeconomics

Texas Tech University:

Applied Business Economics (2 Sections)

Francisco Marroquín University

Microeconomics: Price Theory (2 Sections)

Monetary Theory, Banking, and Business Cycles 

Seminar on Economic Development


"Professor Callais was by far one of the best professors I have ever had. He taught in a way that you could understand because it is a hard class. He encouraged participation in fun ways and was all around a great professor."

"I really enjoyed this class. Especially for someone teaching while also a student, he exceeded expectations. In both accessibility and teaching style, he is tied with another economics professor. Great econ professors who actually teach, instead of reading powerpoints. I would take his class again, and will recommend to my friends who have yet to take BECO."

"Professor Callais has a deep understanding of economics and its intricacies and showcases that within his lectures. He heavily expounds upon the information provided in his slideshows and answers any and all questions that students may have. His grading scale is very forgiving allowing for leniency in case of any mishaps along the semester. He provides adequate help and opportunities to discuss any issues with the understanding of the material. Overall, Professor Callais does a good job explaining economic concepts through a combination of definitions and examples."

"Justin was a wonderful teacher and great person to go to if needing any help, he was a first year instructor but it did not come off as such. Justin was very caring to the class in such a trying time and although some of us may not have done our best on assignments or exams he still went that extra mile to help us pass."

"The instructor was a great professor and made it very easy to understand the course. I really enjoyed this class because he was one of few professors that gave classes and taught his class."

"Professor Callais is a great teacher. He genuinely cares about his students and want them to succeed. Throughout the semester, he made sure that he gave his students enough time to complete all the assignments and that they had all the necessary resources to be successful. He has been very flexible and cooperative. Professor Callais helped me understand business economics but most importantly, he helped me get through this challenging semester by responding to my emails promptly and being understanding of my challenges. I cant imagine planning and teaching a course while still being in school. So Professor Callais deserves a big thumbs up for being so awesome this semester!"

"Really great instructor and made the class much more informative because of how he respected us and taught us in a easy to understand manner. Enjoyed how casual he was which made him much more relatable and approachable as an instructor."

"He is a great instructor. He was very good and clear at explaining each lecture. I am very shy, but I felt very comfortable asking him questions during or after the class. He was always available and willing to explaining/clarifying any question."

"Great teacher. The way he structures his classes makes everything more clear, I really appreciate the time I can tell he takes to organize each class and summarize each chapter to make it easier for us to understand the topics. It is obvious he wants us to do well on class and he is always willing to put out all the resources possible in our favor. He answers every question and explain as many times as we need to comprehend. Also, the extra material he gives us (articles, videos) really helps to finish wrap up, plus, it is entertaining. The discussions are the best part of the class because we can all share our perspectives and learn from others, it is a way to apply what we've learned to real life. I have really enjoyed this class."

Teaching Experiences: List
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